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Assorted dried chillies

Preserving Chillies

Chillies ideally need a longer growing season than the UK offers, which means that the supply of fresh chillies is all to short. Some enthusiasts counter this by starting their seedlings under lights in their houses, or overwintering their plants in the hope of an earlier crop the next season. Neither solution is really convenient, so for most people preserving the bulk of their crop is a better alternative.

Fortunately chillies can be preserved in a variety of ways, to match any style of cooking. Consider drying, freezing (either raw or char-grilled) and pickling; these will give a range of finished products to use over the long winter months. And on no account should you fail to make a selection of chilli sauces - they are far superior to any that you can buy.

Personal favourites include frozen char-grilled JalapeƱos, pickled Turkish Peppers and a range of chilli powders.

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