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Capsicum annuum "Dalle Khursani"

Dalle Khursani chilli plant

Dalle Khursani

Dalle Khursani pot plant


Dalle Khursani is also known as 'Akabare' or 'Akabare Khursani'.

My plants were fairly variable, as might be expected from a landrace. I was anticipating round chillies rather than bullet shape, and I am now told, by someone who is familiar with it in its native environment, that it is not the true variety. I shall grow the true cultivar next year, courtesy of Ashy Moko, and compare.

This variety was too vigorous when grown in the border, but far more restrained as a pot plant. The specimen below is growing in a standard 3 litre pot.

Dalle Khursani chillies


Dalle Khursani is characterised by an immediate sharp heat which fades quickly, leaving a distinctive flavour with sweet overtones. The ripe chillies are generally pickled or preserved in brine, and have achieved almost a cult status among their admirers.

The popularity of these chillies is such that they command a premium price in areas where they are grown. They are also reputed to be free of "afterburn".

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