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Capsicum annuum "Dalle Khursani"

Dalle Khursani chilli plant

Dalle Khursani

Dalle Khursani pot plant


Dalle Khursani is also known as 'Akabare' or 'Akabare Khursani'.

It is difficult to determine the species of this excellent chilli; it could be C. annuum, but is probably C. frutescens. The two species are closely related and some chillies seem to fall between the two extremes.

There are several types of chilli being sold as Dalle Khursani, but this appears to be the true variety. (One vendor even offers a large habanero under this name.)

Dalle Khursani chillies


Dalle Khursani is characterised by a sharp heat which lingers on the lips, and a rich, sweet flavour. The ripe chillies are generally pickled or preserved in brine, and have achieved almost a cult status among their admirers.

The popularity of these chillies is such that they command a premium price in areas where they are grown. They are also reputed to be free of "afterburn".

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