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Capsicum chinense "Wraith"

Wraith Naga plant


Wraith ghost chilli


Wraith is a white ghost chilli derived from Naga Morich. The name Naga derives from Nagaland in NE India where they are popular. Very compact plants giving early crops of hot tasty chillies. Under the right growing conditions, nagas have a heat rating of around 1 million Scoville Heat Units.

The chillies ripen from pale green to light yellow and then almost white. They are carried in dense clusters which cover the branches.

unripe Wraith Naga chilliess


Although hot, Wraith has a nice citrusy flavour with a sour undertaste and a heat that stays in the front of the mouth and on the lips. In Bangadesh Nagas are traditionally used green but in Europe they are normally left to ripen on the plant.

The main culinary use for Nagas is making pickles and sauces, but they are also fine for general cooking.

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