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Capsicum chinense "7 Pot Primo"

7 Pot Primo chillies

7 Pot Primo Orange

7 Pot Primo chiili plant


7 Pot Primo is reputed to be a cross between the Trinidadian 7 Pot and the Asian ghost pepper Naga Morich. The one illustrated here is the orange form rather than the more common red. The plant habit, earliness, fruit shape, flavour and pungency are intermediate between the two parents.

This variety makes an excellent pot plant, and the chillies are highly ornamental.

ripe 7 Pot Primo chillies


The extreme pungency of these chillies limits their culinary value for most people, but the flavour is superior to the Trinidad Scorpions. The heat seems to concentrate around the tip of the tongue.

7 Pot Primo unripe chilli

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